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Google has stuck to its policy of offering open source software to all users over the years and its foray into the mobile market is no different. While others have tried to restrict their clients from moving freely by imposing locked Sims or contracts, Google and its android application development have offered unlocked software and hardware mobile packages to its happy clients. The future of Android-enabled handsets is indeed very bright, and its open source origins indicate that Android development too will flourish as developers can easily introduce new software to cater to specific needs.

android application development is an operating system specifically designed for mobiles application development and is based on the Linux kernel, thus making it simple and sturdy at the same time. However, the software is still in its nascent stage although many bugs have now been ironed out and the latest version offers superior speed along with improvements in most other applications. Although android application development first appeared in HTC's mobile phone, there are now several handsets that already use this platform for various applications that offer fun, information and business in one tiny mobile phone. Android is available in the form of android application development Kit or SDK and developers can use the tools provided to create customized packages for their clients.

In addition to creating new games and offering users several services offered by Google, Android has the potential to burst into the specialized business development market as Hitesh Inc can now create software in a very cost-effective manner and offer a wide range of software products at a very reasonable rate to their clients. This in turn could compel many clients to shift over from other platforms to Android just as many did when Google entered the search engine market and virtually steamrolled it. Hitesh Inc, have already started executing projects based on the android application development platform since they are assured of newer versions coming out at regular intervals that will simply fix any bugs that might pop up during development.

Hitesh Inc is riding the wave of cutting-edge software technology and offers specialized solutions to all its special clients. The company is comfortable working on several android application development platforms including Android, and their clients can now get customized applications based on their own unique needs that can help them to communicate, supervise, create and exchange documents on a real-time basis while sitting on a simple and reliable platform. Hitesh Inchas dedicated specialized teams that work in tandem with clients to come up with IT solutions so as to link most of their processes to ensure seamless working of each application department. Hitesh Inc offers following services based on the Android platform like

  • Android Application Development
  • Android Catalogue Application Development
  • Android Business Application Development
  • Android Enterprise Application Development
  • Android compatible Mobile Website Development
  • Android Web Service Integration
  • Android Digital Album Development
  • Android Social networking Integration
  • Android GPS, Bluetooth, Push APIs, Google MAP integration
  • Porting Web App to Android Platform
  • 1.5, 1.5, 2.1 and 2.2 SDK Compatible Android Application

Google has developed a habit of shaking the market whenever it comes up with new products and services, and garners huge support mostly due to the fact that their products are for free. Android too has shaken the mobile applications market, and users can now use this flexible platform to their advantage by letting development experts such as Hitesh Inc devise application programs that can help boost the efficiency of their business in a cost-effective manner.

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